Parkland shooter’s mulatto brother placed in chains by white supremacist system

In a shocking turn of events, racist white police have arrested Florida school shooter Nikolas Cuz’s brother for being black on campus.

Zachary Cruz, 18, was placed in chains Monday after he was found ‘soaking it in’ near the scene of his racist white brother’s Nazi rampage.

Neo-Nazi KKK member and Assistant State Attorney Sarahnell Murphy convinced the fascist Florida judge to increase Zachary’s bond from the standard $25 to an unprecedented $500,000.

Murphy justified the enslvement by claiming that Zachary is a negro superpredator who intended to use his brother’s fame to prey on naive white girls.

But anyone who doesn’t see color knows what is really going on here. The white supremacist system of American slavery and oppression is using the victims of hate to justify to abuse an innocent person of color.

We must do everything we can to rescue Zachary Cruz from the clutches of racism and deliver him to the freedom and prosperity of his ancestral homeland.