New Sex Robot Makes White Women Obsolete

Google’s sibling company Boston Dynamics has released a new sex robot that promises to lead the white race to voluntary extinction.

By fixing all of the flaws inherent in White Female 1.0, SpotMini is on track to become the only realistic option for straight white males seeking companionship.

SpotMini features an electronically actuated arm for cooking, cleaning and other household tasks, and her synthetic vagina sits 0.84 meters off the ground — the perfect height for pleasuring the average white male genitalia.

With these latest advancements in female technology, there is literally no reason for white men to enter into archaic relationships with inferior white females.

It’s 2018. Do you really want to listen to you ball-and-chain nag you about your driving habits? Do you really want to deal with crying babies in the middle of the night?

Of course not. And you don’t have to. The future is now, and it feels good, man. Instead of trying to support an ungrateful family, you can retire early and spend your golden years having infinite sex with your robot wife while she does your laundry.

There’s nothing to feel guilty about either. Just because your parents were foolish enough to waste their life raising you doesn’t mean you need to repeat their mistakes. You are smart, and they are dumb.

Besides, nothing matters after you die. It’s just blackness. You may as well spend your life doing what feels good, and infinite sex feels good. Period.